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How to Choose the Best Dawn Simulator

Dawn simulators have been around since the late 1800’s, believe it or not (back then it was called “mechanical sunrise”)! Over the years, as technology increased, more and more dawn simulators have been created to more closely mimic nature, with the added benefit of new features and

Wake Up Lights, Light Therapy, and Lux

One of the main feature specifications of a wake-up light or light therapy lamp is the lux output of the light.  I often get the question “How much lux do I need?“.  Let’s take a moment to explain exactly what lux is, and how it applies to both dawn

DIY Dawn Simulator

If you’re short on funds, or just enjoy doing things yourself, a DIY Dawn Simulator may be right up your alley.  It can be done with a few simple items you may already have on hand, with purpose-built products to assist, or built maker-style and programmed with

Which Philips Wake Up Light is the Best?

  Philips has several wake up lights (also called dawn simulators, sunrise clocks, etc.) designed to suit a variety of needs.  Choosing the right one may not be obvious at first glance, so I am here to help!  Read along as I point out the feature and

How to Wake Up Early

I strive to wake up every day at 5:00AM. I use the term strive here because it doesn’t always work out as planned.  It’s something I continually try to improve upon and it’s something I believe is a very important piece of the puzzle to being “healthy, wealthy, and wise”